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Pikachu waving (Pokemon)

A happy character

Pikachu is mostly happy and that’s how he is represented here. He is standing on his back legs and waving with one of his front legs. On the head, we find his pink cheeks, his big smile and his big yellow ears like the rest of his body with black tips. Finally, we find her yellow tail in the shape of lightning.


The mascot

Pikachu is a pokemon of type Electrik of the very first generation in the famous video game of the Nintendo studios, Pokemon. Being also the favorite pokemon of Sacha, the hero of the spin-off series of the game, Pikachu is the most famous pokemon and the mascot of the license. Although in the world of pokemon, there are no classic animals but only mutant animals, Pikachu is clearly inspired by the pika, an adorable little rodent from the mountains of South America. Like all pokemon of its category, its power is electricity. In his case, he can send shocks with his tail. Pikachu is the evolution of the pokemon Pichu who becomes Pikachu when he is happy enough.


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