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Eevee debout (Pokemon)

An adorable little fox

Eevee is shown here standing on his four legs. He looks like a small dog or fox with his brown body, short legs and beige mane. He also has a long bushy tail and large pointed ears. He has, as usual, a little smile that makes him look even more like a little dog.


A very evolutive pok?mon

Eevee (Evoli in French) is a normal type pok?mon of the first generation. It is a small mammalian pok?mon that looks a bit like a dog or a fox. It has above all the particularity to be the pok?mon with the most possible evolutions, eight in total. Thus with a lightning stone, it can become Jolteon, Aquali with a water stone or Pyrali with a fire stone. Its abilities are also mainly adaptive. He can anticipate if a pok?mon is going to use a dangerous ability against him and gets a power bonus if he uses abilities of the same type as him.


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