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Eleven Chicago (Stranger Things)

Eleven and her new look

When Eleven goes to see her mother, she is in a catatonic state but she manages to show Eleven bits and pieces of her past and in particular the fact that she tried to come and get her back while she was maintained that she was still born. She also learns that she has a sister” and she decides to leave to seek her in Chicago. This one is the head of a kind of gang that decided to take revenge on their jailers and she drags Eleven with her, also pushing her to a small change of look and this is how she is represented here. She wears light blue jeans with one leg rolled up, with white high top sneakers typical of the time. With that, she wears a black t-shirt and a jacket with the sleeves folded. She also wears a bandana around her wrist and her hair is styled backwards. Finally, her eyes are covered with black makeup and she is still holding a box of eggos in her right hand.


Eleven in search of her family

Eleven is one of the heroines of Stranger Things, the famous Netflix series set in a small American town in the 80s. After saving her friends from the Demogorgon at the end of the season and being presumed dead by them, Eleven had actually fled into the forest, afraid of the men who were still looking for her. Shortly after, she was taken in by Sheriff Hopper who decided to hide her in his cabin in the woods until he could find a better solution. But a year later, Eleven got tired of never being able to get out and after an argument with Hopper, she stumbled upon some papers from the lab where she was imprisoned and learned more about her biological mother. She then decides to go looking for her.


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