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Vampire Bob (Stranger Things)

A not-so-terrifying vampire

For this figure, exclusive to Gamestop stores, Funko has represented Bob with the vampire costume he wears for Halloween. We find this elegant three-piece costume composed of black pants and jacket worn over a white shirt with black tie in the old 19th century style. To complete the look, he wears of course a long black cape with a shiny red interior. On the head, he has slicked back his hair, put black around his eyes and of course a fake vampire teeth. His hands are placed forward to give him a false threatening look.


A Halloween enthusiast

Bob is one of the new characters in season 2 of Stranger Things. While life at the Byers’ is almost back to normal, mother Joyce has a new boyfriend. Bob is a former classmate who was considered more of a nerd at the time, but who has a boundless admiration for Joyce. Always passionate about technology, Bob works in an electronics store and will, on several occasions, be useful to the group. But beyond that, Bob is a deeply sympathetic and good character and he will prove it when the family gets stuck in the Hawkins Lab buildings attacked by the Demogorgon and he devotes himself to go down to the basement and reboot the systems so that everyone can get out. Since this season takes place during Halloween, we can also see that this is a holiday that Bob takes very seriously, whether it’s in terms of decorating, costume or candy distribution.


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