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Steve with Ice Cream (Stranger Things)

An unfortunate look

Steve is shown here wearing the outfit he wears to work. It is a typical sailor’s outfit, a bit retro, consisting of shorts and a navy blue t-shirt with white stripes on the edges and a small red scarf around his neck. He also wears a small white apron and a sailor’s hat where the word AHOY” is written. At the level of the head, we find his hair, usually voluminous, hidden under this famous hat. Finally, he holds in his hand a cone with a scoop of ice cream.


A big change

Steve is a character of the series Stranger Things that has become more and more important during the series. This is probably due to his evolution which makes him more and more sympathetic. He was at the beginning of the series the superficial boyfriend of Nancy, the older sister of one of Will’s friends, the missing boy who will trigger the whole story. If he is rather hateful at the beginning and will behave badly with Jonathan, Will’s brother and friend of Nancy, he will finally make up for it and join the fight during the last episode. In season two, Nancy will break up with him and Steve will find himself in spite of himself hunting the baby Demogorgon with Dustin whom he will finally get closer and adopt as a kind of protective big brother. In season 3, we find Steve at the mall where he found a job in the chain of ice creams Baskin Robbins. But the opening of this large shopping mall seems to coincide with the return of the creature from the Upside Down who may never have gone back to his parallel world.


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