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Eleventh Doctor-Mister Clever (Doctor Who)

The Infected Doctor

On this new figure, the eleventh Doctor is represented as Mr. Clever, the Cyber Planner who tried to take control of the Doctor’s mind. As far as the clothes are concerned, we find his usual elegant style with a purple jacket and a pocket watch. On the level of the head, we find his usual haircut but on all the left side, we see well the metallic elements of the cyber planner trying to take the control of his brain, as well as on his right hand.


The youngest doctor

The eleventh doctor is the main character of a part of the second generation of Doctor Who, the famous English science-fiction series. It follows the adventures of the Doctor, an alien from the planet Gallifrey traveling through time and space aboard the TARDIS. When he is mortally wounded, the doctor can regenerate but while he keeps his memories, his personality and appearance are new each time. This character is the eleventh incarnation of the same person and the youngest of all.


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