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Ellen Ripley (Aliens)

A cult character

Ellen Ripley is one of the cult characters of the genre and we find her characteristic look on this figure. She is wearing blue denim cargo pants with futuristic” boots that reach halfway up her calf and a beige t-shirt. In her hands, she holds an impressive gun, also futuristic, hanging from her neck by a thick strap. Finally, at the head level, we find her characteristic brown and curly hair and her face is scattered with several bruises and cuts still raw.


The baddest heroine

Ellen Ripley is the heroine of the sci-fi horror film series Aliens. She is part of the crew of a ship returning to Earth and is awakened from a cryogenic sleep when the ship detects possible signs of alien life. The team decides to go check it out while Ellen stays in the ship with the other science officer to repair the damage caused by their landing. On the planet, one of the team members is attacked by a creature that manages to get through her helmet and clings to her face. Against the recommendations of Ellen Ripley who wishes to quarantine them, the crew members return to the ship to try, in vain, to save their friend. But it doesn’t end there, because the creature has eggs in its victim’s body. When the egg hatches and several creatures, all controlled by a much larger and more terrifying one, invade the ship, Ellen Ripley soon finds herself the only one to fight them.


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