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Neomorph (Alien Covenant)

The neomorph and its little one

Contrary to the xenomorph, the neomorph is white and has much less of an insect side. Its body is always more or less humanoid but with clawed feet and hands. He still has this nightmarish head without eyes and with this huge mouth strangely human. This time the neomorph is accompanied by its baby”, the small version that comes out of its host’s body before growing quickly and taking its adult form.


A new enemy still not very reassuring

The neomorph is the new alien species of the same family as the famous xenomorph of the alien movies, discovered in the movie Alien Covenant. This creature is a little smaller and does not have a second mouth. Very aggressive, it also has a more animal attitude and would be less intelligent. It is no less dangerous, infecting its hosts with spores and developing very quickly inside their body before coming out, as the poor Ledwards, the first victim of the neomorph, will notice.


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