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Alien bloody (Alien)

A wounded enemy

Funko had chosen to represent the alien bleeding with a rather worrying green blood for this exclusive comic con figure. We can see his strange shiny and black skin reminding us of an insect as well as this body giving the impression that his skeleton is visible. Its head is oversized, without eyes and with a huge open mouth revealing the second mouth of the symbiote that infects humans and allows him to deposit in their body. It also has a long tail and clawed legs that complete its terrifying appearance.


Horror personified

The alien is one of the members of an unidentified alien species that is the main enemy of the famous Alien saga of science fiction/horror started in the 70s. In the more or less near future, a ship on its way back to Earth wakes its passengers from their cryogenic sleep because it has detected a life form nearby. This being part of their mission, the team decides to go and investigate but it turns out that this life form is far from friendly. One of them clings to the face of one of the members of the expedition. Despite all the efforts of the others, he does not survive his injuries. But it doesn’t stop there, because the alien has taken advantage of the situation to lay an egg in the man’s body and when it hatches, it’s the beginning of a real nightmare.


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