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Xenomorph (Alien Covenant)

A creature as hideous as ever

As in the films, the xenomorph has black, slightly shiny skin reminiscent of an insect. It has legs ending in rather animal-like pastes as well as arms ending in long claws. Its head is huge and oblong with an almost human jaw and impressive teeth. It has no visible eyes and its head looks skeletal as if it had no flesh or skin. Finally, it has a long tail that also seems to be composed of only vertebrae and its body is partially covered with blue veins.


A terrifying species

The xenomorph is the terrifying alien species that is the main enemy in all the Aliens movies. This alien discovered on another planet can only reproduce by infecting a host, depositing spores in its body that will quickly develop into an egg and then a child version of the creature that will then leave its host by killing it or literally splitting it in two. Because of this method of reproduction, xenomorphs have vaguely humanoid features and it is also implied in the film Alien Covenant that they are not an alien species but a species artificially created by a cyborg itself created by a human being.


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