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Xenomorph bloody (Alien Covenant)

A disgusting enemy

For this figure, exclusive to Gamestop stores, Funko chose to represent a wounded xenomorph since we can see that his body is partly covered with a green blood that is not very appealing. Otherwise, we can see his vaguely humanoid body with clawed arms and legs as well as this long tail which seems to be a spine directly exposed. His head is still huge and eyeless and he reveals an impressive set of teeth that looks strangely human.


Still horrible

The Xenomorph is the name of the famous Alien from the movies of the same name. This name is only used in more recent movies like Alien Covenant which are prequels of the first movies and explain the origin of these creatures. Indeed, it is strongly suggested that they are not a real race but a species partly created by man. This explains why they would need human hosts to reproduce and why they have certain vaguely human traits such as their general shape or their teeth.


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