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David (Alien Covenant)

An apparent innocence

Funko has represented David with his apparent innocence that hides well his terrible projects. He is wearing green quilted pants with black boots and matching gaiters. On top of his body, he wears a brown aviator jacket and matching gloves to protect himself from the cold atmosphere of the planet. Finally, on the head, he wears the kind of white hat that is one of the few remaining vestiges of the Prometheus mission.


A terrible android

David is an android and the only survivor of the Prometheus mission left alone on his planet. His mission was originally to study humans to better understand them, but he developed a disdain for the entire species and instead developed a fascination for all other species and, left alone for years, began to experiment. When the crew of the Covenant ship lands on the planet after suffering terrible damage, David offers to help them. Unfortunately, they will understand only too late that he has only planned to use them for his experiments.


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