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Emperor (Star Wars)

The Emperor in his dark form

The Emperor is represented here in his Sith Lord form. Indeed, although he is human, the use of the dark side of the force has transformed him and given this unhealthy and cadaverous side to his skin. Funko has done a good job of rendering this aspect. He also wears the black hooded cloak so characteristic of the character and the position of his hands suggests that he is using the force.


The Sith Emperor

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, is a character from the Star Wars saga. Trained from a young age in the dark side of the Force, his goal is to destroy the Jedi Knights and restore the Sith order. Thanks to his knowledge of politics, he will be elected to the Galactic Senate and given full powers to become Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Empire.


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