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Emperor Pilaf (Dragon Ball)

A colorful character

Pilaf is shown here holding a dragon ball in his hands and wearing an angry expression. As in the cartoon, his skin is blue with big ears and he is small in size. He is wearing a very colorful outfit with blue pants, yellow shoes, a black tunic and a strawberry around his neck. He also wears a small round hat with all these colors.


A ridiculous king

Emperor Pilaf is an important enemy of Goku in Dragon Ball and one of the main antagonists of the Pilaf saga in the first part of the famous manga and the anime series. He is a small creature with no real power who ruled over his castle in the mushroom forest and dreamed of becoming master of the world. He is always very immature and makes tantrums when he does not get what he wants. He was one of those who tried to gather all the dragon balls.


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