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Porunga (Dragon Ball Z)

A strong dragon

In contrast to Shenron whose appearance is more reminiscent of a large snake, Porunga looks more like a large alligator with his broad, muscular body and large, clawed legs. He is placed on a transparent support that allows him to wrap around despite the disparity between the thin bottom and the wide top of his body. On a pedestal are placed the dragon balls that allow him to be summoned and finally, we find on the sides of his head and the top of his back these big black spikes that add to the ferocity of his appearance.


An impressive dragon

Porunga is one of the wish-fulfilling dragons in the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. Indeed, in this world, if the heroes manage to gather the seven dragon balls”, they can then wake up one of the dragons in order to ask him to realize three wishes, even the one to bring someone back to life. Porunga is the dragon of the planet Namek and his name can mean dragon of dreams and or dragon of law. Although he has a rather fierce look and a fiery temper, like other dragons, he is basically good and can even be humorous.


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