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Karin flocked (Dragon Ball Z)

An adorable old man

Funko has represented this adorable character in a flocked version, with a soft peach skin touch. He’s a rather chubby white cat standing on his hind legs. With one of his front paws, he holds a wooden stick all twisted. At the head, his eyes are closed and he seems to smile, which gives him a calm expression and makes him look like he is at peace. Finally, only his pink nose and the inside of his ears contrast with the whiteness of his body.


Deceptive appearance

Although he looks like a simple old white cat, Karin is in fact a very powerful martial arts master in the manga and the anime Dragon Ball Z. He is the one who trained Master Roshi, the master of the hero Son Goku and he will also perfect the training of the latter when he meets him. He is a hermit living in the Karin Tower, located at the limit between the world of gods and the world of humans. In addition to having passed on a lot of his knowledge, he is also in possession of many precious objects and artifacts that Goku and his team will need during the seasons such as the divine elixir or the senzus, the famous magic beans.


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