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golden Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

A brilliant form

For this exclusive figure, Funko has chosen to represent Frieza in his golden form. We recognize his muscular body with the strange shape of his feet and especially this long tail that distinguishes him from a human being. His body is completely golden and made with a nice metallic paint, except for the hands, feet and some points on the torso or the top of the head. As in the cartoon, his ears also have this strange side that gives him a robotic look.


The ultimate form

Frieza is one of the most dangerous and powerful enemies of Goku in the Dragon Ball Z anime series. Indeed, at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z saga, we discover that Goku is not only a boy gifted in martial arts but in fact one of the last of a species of powerful alien warriors. This of course brings him many new enemies like Frieza, one of the members of the species of the same name who conquers worlds to sell them to the highest bidder and enslave the inhabitants. Like Goku, he can reach several powerful forms thanks to training or rage and his final form is that of golden Frieza.


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