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Perfect Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

A complex organism

Funko represented here Perfect Cell in a glows in the dark version (only the green parts are shining). We find this green armor so complex with colored spots and his black cape. On the head, he has a purple and white face like Freezer and wears a helmet matching his armor with horns on the top of his head. Finally, he is represented with lightning around him which shows that he is using his powers.


A formidable combo

Perfect Cell is one of the most powerful enemies of Goku in the manga and the Dragon Ball Z cartoon. It is an entity created in a laboratory by the computer of Professor Gero, one of Goku’s enemies. He uses cells stolen from some of the most powerful Saiyan like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freezer and King Cold. Once Cell is created, he will grow up in the basement of Professor Gero’s laboratory who had abandoned the project. He will then leave in the galaxy in search of other warriors’ cells to become even more powerful. He will fight several characters like Vegeta or Future Trunks and beat them all.


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