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Piccolo (Dragon Ball Z)

The little green demon

As in the manga, we find this characteristic green skin as well as all the elements which show that he is not human like the shape of his eyebrow arch and his big ears. At the level of clothing, we find his purple suit as well as this broad armor of white shoulders surmounted by a cape. Finally, he wears on his head this kind of white turban.


The Avenging Demon

Piccolo is one of the villains that Goku will have to face in the famous Japanese manga Dragon Ball Z. Goku having killed his father, the demon Piccolo when he was a child, Piccolo has sworn to take revenge. They will end up facing each other and after a long fight, Goku wins but leaves him alive. Piccolo will then swear to come back again to take revenge but will finally become allied with Goku.


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