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Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Z)

A traditional look

Master Roshi is of course represented with his traditional outfit: an orange tunic with white sleeves and simple purple pants with blue slippers. He also wears this funny purple carapace on his back and stands on his wooden stick. Finally, at the head level, we find his long white beard and his big red-rimmed sunglasses.


A funny master

Master Roshi is probably the most famous martial arts master in the Dragon Ball Z anime series and manga. He was the one who trained the young Goku when he was still a child in the Dragon Ball series and made him such a powerful fighter. Master Roshi has a very particular personality since he lives almost like a hermit in a cave but he is also a known pervert. This did not prevent Goku from entrusting his son Gohan to him years later so that he could train him in martial arts.


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