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Eri (My Hero Academia)

An innocent child

Eri is shown here with the outfit she wears when she is saved by Deku. Her arms and legs are covered with white bandages because of the experiments Kai did on him. She is also wearing a simple long grey dress that matches her long grey/blue hair. On the face, we find the small horn on her forehead and her sad look.


A destructive power

Eri is the little girl of the leader of the criminal organization of the Eight Precepts of Death in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. She is an innocent little girl whose alter makes her dangerous and feared by the others. This one allows her to rewind, to bring things back to their previous state but it is confused with an alter that cancels the others. When she is entrusted to Kai, a member of the organization who hates superheroes, he wants to use the little girl’s blood to make bullets that would take away the superheroes’ powers. Eri is finally saved by Deku and brought back to Yuei High School after years of torture.


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