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Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)

In the middle of a fight

Mina is shown here using her power. She is wearing a turquoise skin-tight suit with purple patterns and red and yellow boots matching her short vest. Her skin is pink and we can see that she is here producing acid with her hands and feet. Her hair is also pink but a bit darker and she has two kinds of small antennas on top of her head.


Uncommon acidity

Mina Ashido is a student of Yuei High School in the manga and anime series My Hero Academia set in a world where almost everyone has an alter giving them a specific power. Mina wants to become a superhero and although she doesn’t do very well in school, she can be very good with the right teacher. Her alter is to produce acid with her body, being able to control the viscosity and level of acidity. This allows her to use it as a weapon or for example to slide on the ground.


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