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Himiko Toga with mask (My Hero Academia)

An ominous looking mask

Himiko is shown here wearing the outfit she wears as a super-villain. She is actually wearing her civilian clothes reminiscent of a schoolgirl’s outfit with her pleated skirt, high socks and small vest, with some accessories as well. She wears a disturbing black scarf on which is printed a dentition with particularly sharp canines. She also wears a mask with tubes that allow her to keep breathing even when she uses the ability that allows her to disappear. Her blond hair is as usual styled in two buns with strands sticking out everywhere and she holds a knife in her right hand.


An innocent look for a dangerous character

Himiko is a rather important character of the anime and manga My Hero Academia which takes place in a world where almost everyone is born with an alter which gives them a power. This makes that there are many schools training superheroes but also many super-villains. Himiko belongs to the second category, inspired by Stain who regularly attacks superheroes because he doesn’t like the idea of making people pay to help them. Himiko’s alter, Metamorphosis, is particularly dangerous as it allows her to take on the appearance and voice of people after ingesting their blood. This is amplified by the fact that she seems to take great pleasure in killing and harming, always wearing a big smile during fights. She also has the ability to become invisible when she completely empties her mind and holds her breath.


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