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Ryukyu (My Hero Academia)

A fatal look

Ryukyu is shown here with the look that we always see her wearing in the series. She is wearing a long red dress with a slit on both sides, black boots and white gloves. At the head level, we find her short blond hair and she wears a kind of decorative claw hiding one of her eyes as well as a small pair of bat wings at the back of her head.


The dragon woman

Ryukyu Tatsuma, also called dragon heroine Tatsuma, is a professional heroine in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. She is a rank 10 heroine whose alter allows her to transform into a dragon, which gives her all the abilities associated with the dragon. She can fly and has superhuman strength and durability. She is the one in charge of internship for Ochaco and Tsuyu, two students of Yuei High School for superheroes. Perhaps as a nod to the legends about dragons, Ryukyu is very attracted to anything shiny.


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