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Tenya (My Hero Academia)

A real superhero

Tenya is shown here with his superhero outfit. It is a complete metallic armor in blue and white with some golden elements, especially at the level of the thick white boots reminding those of a cosmonaut. On the head, we find his short blue hair with a strand falling in front of his face and he also wears glasses with silver half-rims. Finally, he is represented in a dynamic posture, as if getting ready to run.


A serious student

Tenya is one of the students of the famous Yuei high school in the anime and manga My Hero Academia. In this story, almost one hundred percent of the population is born with an alter that gives them special superpowers. People can then choose to join schools that will train them to use them and thus become real superheroes. Tenya is of course one of them and comes from a particularly famous and wealthy family of superheroes. He may seem rather cold and uptight at first, but Tenya is very keen to do well, to be a good student and to bring honor to his family.


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