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All Might (My Hero Academia)

A true American hero

All Might is the clich? of the American-style superhero. He is tall, muscular and blond and always has a big smile that can annoy people. But he is also deeply kind and sympathetic. His outfit is yellow, blue and red and tight, reminding a bit of Superman. He wears yellow boots and wrist protectors that contrast well with the suit, and a sort of red arrow on his chest. On the head, he wears this big smile with white teeth and is represented with his very thick yellow eyebrows and his funny spiky hair on the front of his face.


A terrible secret

All Might is the superhero name of Toshinori Yagi in the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. This manga takes place in a world where almost everyone is born with an alter that gives them more or less unusual abilities. The alter of All Might is the One for all and gives him his status of the most powerful superhero. But Toshinori’s health is declining and when he is not a superhero, he is in fact very weak. That’s why he bequeathed his alter to young Izuku, one of the few people in the world to be born without an alter. He deserved it by being extremely brave and motivated to become a superhero despite his handicap. He is also the only one who knows about Toshinori’s true condition.


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