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Deku Battle (My Hero Academia)

A real hero

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Deku with the superhero outfit he wears during the fights. It’s a green suit with knee protectors and some kind of big red sneakers and white gloves. The particularity is in the face since only half of his face is covered by his green mask with a kind of big ear on the top of the head. On the other side, we find the four small dots on his cheek as well as his hair of a slightly darker green.


An unusual hero

Deku is the atypical hero of the manga and cartoon My Hero Academia. This manga takes place in a world where almost all the humans have an alter” which gives them particular capacities. Deku is one of the few who doesn’t have one, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to join Yuei High School, one of the many schools that train superheroes. His courage and determination will make him be noticed by All Might, the most powerful superhero, who will decide to give him his own alter, the One-For-All. Deku will also be the only one to know that All Might is dying, which explains his decision to bequeath his own alter to someone else.


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