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Hero Killer Stain (My Hero Academia)

A disturbing physique

Funko depicted Stain in combat for this figure. He is crouching, holding his sword and knife backwards. He is wearing black pants with a beige tank top and armor on his legs and wrists. He is also wearing a very long red scarf that wraps around him on the ground. At the level of the head, he has his mouth wide open and sticks out his tongue. A beige headband, floating at the back of his face partially hides his face to keep his identity secret and a red one keeps his black hair up.


A former hero

Stain is one of the main antagonists in the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. Like many others, he had attended a superhero high school. But it was there that he realized that some were only in it for the money and fame. He tried to convince the world that only those whose motives were pure should have the right to be superheroes, but when his speech didn’t convince, he decided to become a vigilante to kill all the superheroes who didn’t follow his ideal.


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