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Gang Orca (My Hero Academia)

An impressive appearance

Gang Orca is of course represented with his hero outfit. He wears an elegant white suit that shows off his impressive physique, especially his broad shoulders. He also wears a pink tie, a long black cape, and above all, an orc mask, which still shows off his red eyes.


A powerful hero

Gang Orca, whose real name is Kugo Sakamata, is a professional hero in the famous manga and anime My Hero Academia. He is one of the greatest Japanese heroes since he is ranked number 11 among them. He is also sometimes a teacher at Yuei Superhero High School, the one where the hero of the series is a student. He got his hero’s name from the name of his Orc alter. In addition to being very tall and muscular, he has all the abilities of a killer whale that he can use on Earth, including using ultrasound to paralyze his opponents.


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