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Nejire Hado (My Hero Academia)

Powerful shockwaves

Nejire is shown here wearing her super-heroine costume and using her power. Her costume is mainly white and tight with purple and turquoise inserts on the sleeves and hips. The shockwaves she produces with her feet and hands are depicted as yellow swirls that lift her off the ground. Finally, her long light purple hair falls to the ground and then into bangs in front of her face, but two strands rise to the top of her head like two small swirls.


A bright girl

Nejire Hado is a senior student of Yuei High School in the manga My Hero Academia. She is one of the top three students in the school. This is probably partly due to the fact that she has such a thirst for learning new things. She also loves to share what she knows and shows a genuine interest in new people. Her enthusiasm and vitality often cause her to be considered a bit childish, but this is also what fuels her alter. Indeed, she can transform her vitality into energy and create powerful shockwaves, which she proved when she found herself in the middle of the fight of two super-villains in the manga’s stage arc.


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