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Dabi (My Hero Academia)

Not a reassuring look

Funko has represented him surrounded by blue flames and producing new ones with his right hand for this exclusive figurine of Dabi. He is wearing his black pants and his famous long jacket with short sleeves. At the level of the neck, the arms, the bottom of the face and the eyes, we find his pink skin sewn with silver staples. Finally, we also find his short black hair styled in spikes on the top of his head.


A burning villain

Dabi is one of the antagonists of several arcs, notably Summer Camp in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. He is commonly called Crematorium because of his alter, Cremation, which allows him to perfectly control his pyrokinesis and produce blue colored flames. He decided to join the supervillain league after Stain’s arrest, whose cause he found just. Indeed, he couldn’t stand, as he did, the idea that a number of superheroes use their powers to make money.


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