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Kurogiri (My Hero Academia)

Kurogiri in civilian clothes

Funko depicted the mysterious super-villain in his civilian clothes. He wears an elegant suit consisting of black pants, white shirt, black tie and gray sleeveless jacket, all worn with brown shoes. We also find the metal necklace that never leaves him around his neck. On the other hand, his hands and his head seem to be entirely made of this purplish-black mist and we find his elongated yellow eyes.


A mysterious villain

Kurogiri is a member of the super-villain alliance in the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. He has the particularity to be a nomu, that is to say a dead person who has been reanimated in order to serve the supervillain alliance blindly and without ever asking any question. He is also perfectly loyal to them and would never reveal any secret of the alliance. He was created to serve as a mad guard for Tomura Shigaraki (All For One) and to watch over his prot?g? Tenko. Although he seems to be made of a kind of purplish black mist, Kurogiri has a physical body and the ability to create portals. Although he can be particularly cordial and polite, this hides a cruel and ruthless personality.


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