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Sir Nighteye (My Hero Academia)

An elegant hero

Sir Nighteye is shown here wearing one of the elegant suits that we often see him wearing in the series. It’s a gray suit that shows off his slim figure, worn with black shoes and a red tie with white polka dots. On the head, we find his small glasses with green edges as well as his green hair with yellow streaks.


The foreseeing hero

Sir Nighteye, whose real name is Mirai Sasaki, is a professional hero in the manga and anime My Hero Academia. He was All Might’s assistant for a long time but they had a fight when All Might refused to give up his alter the One For All after a serious injury. He then created his own agency of heroes, notably with Bubble Girl and Mirio Togata as instructor. He is a man who can appear cold but who loves humor, which is the best way to communicate with him. His alter allows him to know everything a person is going to do for an hour just by touching them.


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