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Deku glow in the dark (My Hero Academia)

Deku uses his powers

For this exclusive version of Deku, Funko has represented him in a glow in the dark version using his power. He wears as always his green suit with big knee protectors and the red shoes like mountain boots that complete his costume. At the level of the head, we find his kind of freckles as well as his green hair styled in spikes. He also wears a red cross in the middle of his face and finally he is using his power, which is materialized by the blue lightning around him.


A powerful hero

Deku is the main character of the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. In a world where almost everyone has an alter giving him superpowers, Deku was born without one. However, he is determined to become a superhero by training at Yuei High School, one of the many high schools in the world that train young superheroes. After his teacher, the famous hero All Might, has seen the courage and determination of the young man, he decides to bequeath him his alter, the One For All. Indeed, the latter is sick and very weakened and has decided to start teaching in order to find a successor to his alter before it is too late.


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