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Ochaco masked (My Hero Academia)

A well thought out jumpsuit

Ochaco is pictured here with her full outfit consisting of a tight black jumpsuit and much heavier white and pink elements. She wears padded boots that absorb shocks, a belt and bracelets that make a blood pressure monitor. At the head level, we can find her medium-length brown hair and her pink cheeks but especially her helmet matching her outfit which protects her head and presses on some acupressure points in order to alleviate her migraines.


A not so light character

Ochaco is one of the second A students of Yuei High School in the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. Like most of the students in this high school, Ochaco has a power conferred by her alter and she plans to use it to become a superhero in order to earn money to provide a more comfortable life for her parents. She is a friendly and somewhat exuberant girl with funny and sometimes a bit exaggerated reactions. She has the power to remove mass from anything she touches, object or living thing by touching them and will even learn to do this on herself for short periods of time, but her power causes her to have migraines and nausea if she uses it for too long.


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