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Mirio Togata (My Hero Academia)

A real superhero

Mirio Togata is represented here with his superhero costume, a blue and white tight-fitting suit with the number 1000000 on the chest in yellow. He is also wearing a red cape and matching gloves. At the head level, we see his blonde hair in spikes on top of his head and he is being propelled into the air from a boulder.


A bright future

Mirio Togata is a senior student of Yuei High School for superheroes in the anime and manga My Hero Academia. His superhero name is LeMillion and his alter is Permeation, allowing him to pass through any solid or liquid material. He is one of the most gifted students of the school and was for a long time considered the logical successor of All Might before he decided to give his power to Deku, the hero of the series. He lost his alter for a while during a fight against Overhaul to protect the little Eri.


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