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Eto (Tokyo Ghoul)

A disturbing physique

Eto has a particularly worrying physique, even for a ghoul. Her body is entirely covered with white strips like a mummy, leaving only her eyes visible. She wears a dark pink flared dress that stops at the knee, with a hood with small ears in the back and seams on top. She has one hand in front with a finger pointing forward.


A powerful ghoul

Eto Yoshimura is a powerful ghoul in the world of manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. Indeed, in this world, creatures named ghouls, kind of zombies feeding theoretically on human flesh. Eto is the founder of Aogiri, a secret and powerful society wishing that the ghouls take the power. For a long time she hid her identity by taking the pseudonym of the Scarlet Owl or Sen Takatsuki, a successful writer. Her identity was revealed to the general public after her confrontation with Ken Kaneki, then captured by the GCC, the ghoul control center.


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