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Ken Kaneki chrome (Tokyo Ghoul)

Not a reassuring form

For this exclusive figure, Funko represented Ken Kaneki in his half-kakuya form but in a chrome version, that is to say with a shiny silver color. He is represented barefoot with pants tightened at the ankles and his usual hoodie. At the head level, his face has a ghoul shape with lips uncovering his teeth and the mask covering a large part of his face. He stands with one hand in front and most importantly, we can see his impressive ghoul organ starting from his back and growing like four large tentacles or insects coming back to the front of his body.


A drastic change of life

Ken Kaneki is the famous hero of the manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. He is a student living in Tokyo, a city that has seen an increase in the presence of ghouls in recent years. One night, he is attacked by one of them and in order to save his life, he is transplanted with a part of the organ of the ghoul who attacked him. He then becomes half ghoul himself. Thanks to the job he finds in a caf? run by ghouls, he learns that even as a ghoul, he can continue to live with the rest of humanity and feed without hurting anyone. However, after being tortured by a secret organization, he will change drastically and develop a half-kakuya form, which happens when the ghoul organ overdevelops and surrounds the wearer’s body like a kind of armor.


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