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Hide (Tokyo Ghoul)

A cheerful appearance

Hide is represented here with the style he has at the beginning of the series, a cheerful and colorful style that contrasts well with the dark atmosphere of the series. He wears green shorts with orange sneakers and small white socks sticking out at the ankles. On the upper body, he wears a brightly colored zippered jacket, including yellow and black. On his head, his messy hair is yellowish-blonde and his eyebrows are brown.


A human friend

Hide is Ken Kaneki’s human friend in the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul. Like him, he was a simple university student and they were very close friends. When Ken Kaneki was attacked by a ghoul and became a kind of mutant himself. He hid the truth from his friend because he seemed to be very interested in the ghoul problem and Ken was afraid that he wouldn’t accept it. Time passes and Ken disappears, which makes his friend particularly sad. Hide starts to work on the GCC as an investigator and this is how he finds Ken’s trail. He tells him that he suspected his condition for a long time and accepts it because their friendship is more important.


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