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Half-Kakuja Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

A terrifying form

Funko has represented Ken Kaneki under this form. We find the normal body of Ken with this dark blue suit with some white stripes and matching boots. As always his skin and hair are of a corpse white and we can see his red ghoul eye. His half-kakuja shape is a very big purple centipede that starts from his back and on which he can completely lean. We also find a piece of this kakuya at the level of his eye and on a whole part of his face.


A tragic destiny

Ken Kaneki is the hero of the manga and the anime Tokyo Ghoul. Ken is a student in Tokyo and lives a rather normal life until he is attacked by a ghoul. Suffering serious injuries, he has to be grafted a part of the ghoul to survive and he becomes a hybrid who can’t eat the same things as before. He then decides to go work in a caf? run by ghouls where he learns to live with his particularity without ever having to harm humans. When he is captured by Aogiri Tree, a group of ruthless ghoul criminals, he is tortured and it changes him dramatically, causing the appearance of his Half-kakuja form (when the organ of the ghouls grows and surrounds the body of the ghoul like a kind of armor)


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