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F.U.N. Spongebob (Spongebob Squarepants)

A fun song

Bob is shown here during his F.U.N. song which he sings to try to convince Plankton. We find his usual form of yellow sponge with brown pants, a white shirt and a red tie. As usual, he has a big smile on his face and with his hands, he holds the three letters of FUN in red, purple and yellow. On the U is a kind of small creature, also smiling.

The FUN song

Spongebob is the hero of the crazy and offbeat Nickelodeon series set at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Set in the town of Bikini Bottom, it tells the adventures of this sea sponge and his friends and enemies, all sea creatures except for Sandy the squirrel who wears a diving suit to survive at the bottom of the sea. In one episode of season one, Plankton, the big bad of the series, tries again to steal a crab leg from the restaurant where Bob works. He catches him but also feels sorry for Plankton because he thinks his problem is just loneliness. He decides to become his friend and sing the F.U.N. song to teach him to have fun. But Plankton only pretends to become friends with Bob and uses him to steal another crab leg.


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