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Patrick Star No?l (Spongebob Squarepants)

Patrick celebrates Christmas

Like Bob, Patrick is represented here in a Christmas version. Of course, we still recognize his body composed of the five classic branches of a starfish but in an anthropomorphized version since two branches form his arms, two others form his legs and the last one forms his face. Finally he wears his usual green and purple flowered shorts. What puts him in the colors of Christmas is his scarf with the texture nicely represented red and green as well as the candy cane that he holds in his mouth.

A happy starfish

Patrick Star is Spongebob Squarepants’ neighbor in the famous cartoon of the same name. Like Bob, he lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in the town of Bikini Bottom and more precisely a rock. Like his neighbor and best friend Bob, Patrick is a jovial character and always ready to have fun, which sometimes makes them quite immature and attracts the wrath of their neighbor Carlo Tentacule. This series is one of the most popular of the Nickelodeon channel and is almost as popular with adults as it is with children.


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