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Figurines Pop Ariel et Eric (La Petite Sir?ne)

A beautiful wedding

For this two pack exclusive to the Disney treasure box, Funko represented Ariel and Eric during their wedding at the end of the movie. Ariel is wearing her long white dress with long puffy sleeves at the shoulders and green trim to remind the color of her mermaid tail. She also has long red hair on which she wears a golden crown and a long white veil. Eric is wearing his elegant prince’s costume. It is a blue pants with black boots and a white jacket with tails. He also has white gloves and gallons on the shoulders and golden buttons. Finally, on the head, we find his voluminous black hair styled in the fashion of the time.


The great love

Ariel and Eric are the two heroes of the Disney cartoon The Little Mermaid, freely inspired by the Andersen tale of the same name. Ariel is a mermaid, the youngest of King Triton’s seven daughters, and has always had a passion for the human world. One day, during a storm, Prince Eric falls off his boat and Ariel swims to his rescue. She brings him back safely to the beach and falls in love with him when she sees his face. After that, Ariel is ready to do anything to see him again, but her father, distrustful of humans, forbids it. She then goes to see the witch Ursula who offers her human legs in exchange for her voice and adds a condition. She must make Eric fall in love with her and kiss her within three days or she will become the witch’s slave forever. Ariel accepts and arriving on the beach, she is immediately taken in by the prince. They get closer and start to fall in love but Ursula tries everything to separate them. When she realizes that it won’t work, she tries to kill Eric by transforming herself into a huge kraken and Ariel decides to take back her mermaid form to save him. Eventually, Triton, Ariel’s father, will grant her legs so that she can join Eric, having recognized that he was finally worthy of her love. In the end, they get married.


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