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Figurines Pop Cornish pixie, Mandrake et Grindylow (Harry Potter)

An original pack

This original pack of three small figurines is exclusive to the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. They are all smaller than average and measure about 5/6 cm instead of the usual 9/10 cm. So we find the cornish pixie with his little skinny body and his head which is already oversized even without the deformation brought by the pop format. He has two kinds of antennas on the top of his head as well as big pointed ears and a mouth with an almost devilish grin. Of course his body is also all blue and his transparent dragonfly wings are very finely represented. The mandrake is represented in its pot with two branches protruding and forming two kinds of arms. Its head is represented with an angry expression. On top of her head, she has three other branches with some green leaves. The texture of the bark is particularly well represented. Finally the grindylow, a kind of half-siren half-octopus creature is shown standing on its tentacles. It also has two kinds of arms attached higher on its body with hands but still some suction cups. At the level of the head, we can see the sort of gills and excrescences on the side as well as its big black eyes and its mouth with worrying teeth.


Naughty creatures

Cornish pixies, mandrakes and grindylows are creatures found in the Harry Potter books and movies in various episodes of this famous fantasy saga. Harry Potter tells the story of a young English boy who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is in fact a wizard. His aunt and uncle had kept this fact from him since the death of his parents when he was only one year old. On his way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he has been accepted, the half-giant Hagrid, the school’s guardian, tells him that his parents did not die as he thought. Indeed, they died protecting him from Voldemort, a wizard who had set himself the goal of ridding the world of all wizards who were not of pure blood”. Unfortunately, Voldemort is not as dead as we think and he will soon come back to haunt Harry. But in the meantime, Harry will make new friends and discover the world of magic. In second year, Harry will discover mandrakes and their unbearable scream in herbology class. But he will also learn that their roots can heal people who have been petrified. In the same year, their defense against evil teacher will introduce the children to the cornish pixies, creatures that are not really dangerous but very prankish and will cause chaos in the classroom. In fourth year, he will participate in the Cup of Fire, a competition that takes place very rarely and pits three great schools of magic against each other in events that will take place throughout the school year. One of them is to dive into the middle of the big lake to retrieve someone, but his progress will be made more difficult by the presence of strange creatures, including grindylows, a kind of mermaid with octopus-like tentacles.


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