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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Batman and Commissionner Gordon (Batman Begins)

A cult moment

Funko has depicted the moment when Commissioner Gordon shows the Bat Signal installed on the roof of the police station to Batman and informs him of the many escapees from Gotham prison. You can see the top of the red brick building and the grey cement floor. Batman wears his completely black outfit with his famous golden belt, his bat mask and his cape flying in the wind. Commissioner Gordon wears a blue suit and his big glasses well recognizable. Finally the Bat Signal is in the center. It’s a big projector with a black bat in the center that will project his image when needed. This movie moment is also equipped with a small button to activate the light of the Bat Signal.


An ever darker Batman

Batman is the hero of Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan’s series of films telling a new version of the famous superhero of DC Studios. The story takes up the origins of the superhero and how the murder of his parents when he was just a child pushed him to study criminology and martial arts in order to avenge them one day. But when the man who killed his parents is released, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City where he is determined to bring justice. Using his wealth, he sets up a secret base under his mansion and with the help of numerous gadgets and vehicles, he adopts the identity of Batman. Only Alfred, his loyal butler, and Commissioner Gordon, one of the only non-corrupt police officers in the city, knew his true identity.


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