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Figurines Pop The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things)

An excellent duo

For this pack exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Funko has represented them with a similar look but still allows to differentiate the two twins. Matt (on the left) is shown wearing a plain black suit and a simple gray shirt. We can easily differentiate him from his brother thanks to his longer hair with a white streak on the front of his face. Ross has shorter and slightly curly hair but has a beard almost identical to his brother. His dress is also a little more relaxed. He wears simple gray pants with brown shoes and a black sweater with a V-neck.


The men behind the show

The Duffer Brothers are not characters from Stranger Things but the two creators behind the famous Netflix series. These two 34 years old twins are the creators, producers, directors and writers, which is quite impressive when we know the success of the series and when we can see that it is almost their first creation. Indeed, these two brothers, who have only worked as a duo until now, had previously only worked on a few episodes of the series Wayward Pine and the fantasy thriller Hidden in 2015. The two brothers were born right around the time of the series and control almost everything from the scripts to the visual universe, including of course the casting of the young teenagers whose talent also made the series a success.


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