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Finn (Adventure Time)

A very recognizable style

Despite a very simple drawing style, the Adventure Time characters are always recognizable with their funny faces and their bright colors. On the body, we find Finn’s blue pants and t-shirt worn with black shoes. Finn was of course also represented with his long arms characteristic of the characters of this series. On the face, we find this funny hood that he wears all the time and Funko has, for once, decided to give him a mouth to reproduce the smile that characterizes him.


The hero of the series

Finn is the main character of the animated series Adventure Time. This series takes place on the planet Ooo, which is actually the planet Earth after a nuclear war called the mushroom war. This war has awakened the magic on Earth, which makes this cartoon series both magical and post-apocalyptic. Finn is a sweet and intrepid little boy who lives with his adopted brother Jack, a magical dog that can change size. In each episode, he will live new adventures with the other characters of the series such as the Chewing Gum Princess or the Vampire Queen.


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