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The Lich (Adventure Time)

A character with a bad look

Given his undead status, The Lich has a greyish skin and bones often visible. We can see this on his face with his apparent jaws, the hole where his nose used to be and the green glow in his eyes. We also find his long green dress, his crown and his cape attached to the neck by small bones. We also find her two horns on the side of her head, one of which is broken.


The Undead King

Formerly known as the Lich King, he is one of Finn and Jake’s greatest enemies in the Adventure Time cartoon. We follow the adventures of Finn and Jake on the Earth, now called Ooo, a thousand years after a nuclear war, where magic is present again. The Lich is an undead and the evil equivalent of Finn. Because of this, they will often have to meet and fight each other.


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