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Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time)

A cloud princess

As a princess of Space, Lumpy Space Princess has an unusual appearance since she has the shape of a big purple cloud. That’s how she is represented with small arms” on her hips. On the face, we find her big black eyes, her eyebrows giving her a questioning look. The small yellow star on her forehead is also present.


The Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess is a recurring character of the Adventure Time cartoon. We follow the adventures of Finn and his magic dog Jake on the planet Ooo, the Earth a thousand years after a nuclear war. Lumpy Space Princess lives alone in the woods after being disowned by her parents, the rulers of Lumpy Space. It is there that Finn will meet her for the first time. He will have the opportunity to meet her on other occasions, notably when he travels to her native country.


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