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BMO (Adventure Time)

An adorable little game console

As already said, BMO is a mix between a gameboy and an old Macintosh and we can see that on this figure. The rectangular body of BMO is green. On the bottom, we find the different buttons that remind us of his function as a game console and his face is represented on the screen. Like all the other characters of the series, he has simple legs and long arms.


The living robot

BMO is one of the important characters of the Adventure Time cartoon series. This series tells the adventures of Finn and his adopted brother Jake in a magical, post-apocalyptic world called Ooo, which happens to be the Earth after a nuclear war. BMO is a small game console, a kind of mix between a gameboy and an old McIntosh. It is also a robot that has many features but was mostly created to understand human joy and emotions. She lives with Finn since her creator, Giovanni, gave her to his family.


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